Kobciye Center for Empowerment and Research is a community based developmental organization dedicated to the empowerment of displaced Somali communities in Somalia and throughout Africa. Kobciye provides essential services and resources for the most vulnerable communities with specific programs targeted to at-risk youth. We provide free educational trainings in both formal and informal settings including: Basic English Language training, computer literacy programs, capacity building workshops, topical weekly seminars and public

discussion forums. In addition to our educational programs we also facilitate social engagement by providing various recreational opportunities. Student members are able to enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities: including board games, video games, pool, and free internet access throughout our operational hours. Kobciye also sponsors various sports teams, including soccer and basketball teams for both male and female members.

Our Mission
At Kobciye we acknowledge the current fragmented state of the Somali community. We believe that by coupling education with opportunity the social strife and conflict, which dominate Somali communities, will decrease and lead to more strengthened and empowered communities.

Our Value & Goals
Our values are to impact the Somali community through the “three E’s”: Engagement, Education and Empowerment.

Engagement: Our aim is to engage the Somali community and to assist them in taking charge of their futures and determining their own destinies. This is done through responsible civic engagement and social discussion. We facilitate the environment in which these engagements take place, expand and ultimately flourish.

Education: Education and literacy is the basic component towards our mission to empower and enlighten. We strongly believe in the power of knowledge as the



  • Free computer literacy training
  • Livelihood development
  • Intensive leadership training
  • Weekly seminars and discussions
  • Community-wide events