We look to impact the Easteligh community through the three E’s, Empowerment, Engagement and Education.

Our goal and guiding mandate is that by coupling education with opportunity the social strife and conflict, which dominate Somali communities, will decrease and lead to more strengthened and empowered communities.

Engagement: Our aim is to engage the Somali community and to assist them in taking charge of their futures and determining their own destinies. This is done through responsible civic engagement and social discussion. We facilitate the environment in which these engagements take place, expand and ultimately flourish.

Education: Education and literacy is the basic component towards our mission to empower and enlighten. We strongly believe in the power of knowledge as the foundation towards a stronger and more united community. This is done by researching and conducting assessments of specific Somali communities and tailoring programs and opportunities to maximize the needs of each specific community. This may take the form of basic literacy; teaching the basics of reading and writing in communities where the functional literacy rate can be as low as 5%. It may also take the form of more tailored academic skill development such as computer literacy and technological training. Using modern technologies and acquiring basic computer skills can drastically broaden an individual’s employment potential.

Empowerment: We consider this the most important element of our mandate. Empowering communities and individuals to build capacity is key to sustainable development. Our goal is to full equip individuals with the tools to be empowered to see the change they desire in their lives and communities. Through our continuing collaborations with the wider community we are in tune with the ambitions and aspirations of youth who want to themselves and their communities prosper.



  • Free computer literacy training
  • Livelihood development
  • Intensive leadership training
  • Weekly seminars and discussions
  • Community-wide events